How well is your Wi-Fi working?

Know the internet performance of a remote location with myEPITIRO

Plug in an Epitiro Speed Test Agent and share your internet performance with your customers and tenants

Remote Speed Test - WiFi Monitoring Made Easy

Measure Wi-Fi performance —  at key locations, 24×7

A Remote Speed Test Agent with a myEPITIRO account automatically runs network and application performance tests all day, every day.

Just connect the agent to your Wi-Fi and we’ll do the rest!

Stay informed of your internet and Wi-Fi performance!

More than just a speed test…

Remote Speed Test runs multiple network and app tests to best characterize your Internet performance over Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Remote Speed Test App

The right tool for the job!

Remote Speed Test is on-duty 24×7. The Agent is Android-based and uses real mobile apps for measuring internet performance. 

  1. Place the agent(s) at any location you’d like to measure and monitor internet performance.
  2. Connect the agent to your internet (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) use your free myEPITIRO account from any browser. Each agent will test and report internet performance periodically all day, every day.
  3. View performance results from all your agents conveniently from any browser and share the link with your customers or tenants.

Remote Speed Test - WiFi Monitoring Companion App

Who’s using Remote Speed Test?


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