Wi-Fi is essential for your customers and employees. And its performance enhances productivity, sales, and overall customer opinion of your business.

It’s important to know and understand how well your Wi-Fi is performing.

Here are 3 top reasons you should monitor your Wi-Fi performance.

1. Get What You’re Paying For

Perhaps the most convincing argument for monitoring your Wi-Fi performance is the ability to hold your Internet Service Provider (ISP) accountable to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you signed. If your service level is degraded, thanks to your monitoring efforts you’ll have quantitative data that you can bring to your ISP to get the problem resolved.

2. Know how well your network and applications perform at the locations most important to you

Monitoring your Wi-Fi performance allows you to quickly learn what good Wi-Fi performance is, what it isn’t, and what standards of performance to expect.  Monitoring Wi-Fi can help answer the following questions:

  • Is my Wi-Fi performance what I expect and is it getting better or worse?
  • What time of day or day of week do I experience performance problems?
  • Is my performance consistent?
  • Is my Wi-Fi performance degraded due to interference from other Wi-Fi providers?
  • Did the changes I made to my Wi-Fi improve performance?
  • Has something changed on my network?

3. Stay ahead of complaints and minimize downtime

Let’s face it, most of us manage our Wi-Fi by responding to user complaints.  However, capturing intermittent issues and isolating real performance problems from user-error can be very challenging.  If you don’t regularly monitor your Wi-Fi performance, resolving any potential problems may prove to be costly and time consuming. Rather than being proactive, you’ll be reacting to the issue in a time-critical and expensive way while your employees and customers go without service. But if you opt to monitor your Wi-Fi performance, you will know what the issue is ahead of outages or complaints, potentially resolving issues before they become problematic.

A solution for Wi-Fi monitoring

Remote Speed Test automatically runs network and app performance tests all day, every day. Just connect the Remote Speed Test sensor to your Wi-Fi and we’ll do the rest! Performance results are delivered conveniently to your smartphone. Now it’s easy to track your Wi-Fi performance at all your important locations simultaneously.